How Do We Use NLP in Our Coaching?

Deep Listening

Deep listening is a skill practiced by advanced coaches and NLP practitioners and comprises a process of listening to be fully present, judgment free, and open to receiving new information. Deep listening is “hearing” body language and body changes as well as “hearing” feelings, tones, and words.

Sounds are all around us at seemingly all times. Listening is an unconscious skill, and yet because it is so innate, we often tend to sidestep the act of deep listening, wherein true understanding can be fostered. In NLP we learn that the unconscious tends to distort, delete, and generalize information. In order to be able to listen deeply, we must properly and compassionately listen.

The trouble is that we can get overconfident and grow lazy about listening. Instead of concentrating on listening, our thinking takes over. We also develop a personality – we form opinions, beliefs, and values in life that influence our thinking. In order to assist someone in developing themselves and achieving their goals through coaching, you need to be able to process the information that they are giving you via their beliefs, their values, and their opinions, not yours!

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