Coaching Service with 3-month Commitment

Total of 9 sessions (3 sessions per month) 30 minutes each

Coaching-On-3 is a dynamic process, where we meet three times a month for three months. Each session is no longer than thirty minutes and is dynamic, energetic, and purposeful. The best thing about this service is that it only costs $300 for this entire package!


$300 for this package

Who Is It For?

For every person from the age of 12 that is willing to be coachable and desires to move forward toward a better outcome.

coaching on 3

About Coaching-On-3

Coaching-On-3 is another new approach for coaching. We offer a simplified approach. Deal with a clear and specific issue/obstacle/situation and move forward.

At present, traditional coaching usually requires a committed and lengthy process towards clarifying life’s challenges, resolving issues and moving life towards a better future.

Coaching-On-3 is a new dynamic process where we meet 3 times a month for 3 months. Each session is no longer than 30 minutes, and is dynamic, energetic, and purposeful. Moreover, the BEST thing is this service is offered at an introductory price of $300 for this entire package! We offer services in various languages as well!

We believe that in 3 months we can shift and move anyone away from problems, encourage resolutions, and empower motivation that can lead to a fulfilled life that is flourishing.

What Our Customers Say

When I began my coaching with Li-Mor, she asked permission to ask me “intruding” questions – about my life, goals and hopes for the future. I agreed and a whole conversation about self-discipline, self-love and determination started the Coaching-on-3 process. Through practical, pragmatic inquiries, she helped “light a fire under my A**”.

At 25, in the US, with limited budget, no income or job, and not much of a concrete direction, these coaching sessions allowed me to focus on a childhood dream – to study medicine.

With her coaching, I mastered the mental strength I have today, I overcame the initial fear I had, of fulfilling my goals. Now I am ready for the long process and the countless obstacles, and I already see myself reaching my goal.

Li-Mor, thank you so much for being there, listening patiently, while supporting me with my first steps. This good karma will accompany me in this long journey of mine, and I will have only good news to deliver back.

Livne P., Student, Berlin

How to Book a Coaching-On-3 Session?

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Li-Mor Raviv, BFA, MS, NLP

Principal Coach at Coaching-To-Go, Mother, Minimalist, Vegan, Tiny House owner, Runner, Mountaineer, Pilot, World Traveler and a Dreamer.

Li-mor Raviv