Coaching Service Without Commitment or Continuity

Coaching-To-Go, is a service that does not require commitment, lengthy or expensive sessions. You get a fast service, where we dive right in, work on, resolve, and move forward with a satisfying action!


$2 per minute (minimum of 30 minutes)

Who Is It For?

For every person from the age of 12, that is willing to be coachable and desires to move forward towards a better outcome.

coaching-to-go service

About Coaching-To-Go

Coaching-To-Go is a new approach to coaching. Life is full of surprises and full of situations, experiences and events. So often we find ourselves debating what would be the best way to move forward from where we are to where we want to be and how to get there. Many people do not have a coach that accompanies them throughout their lives. That is where the demand for Coaching-To-Go came from. When you are stuck, unsure, or confused about possibilities and options, you can reach out to your best friend, family member, or a person you trust. You can also reach out to a professional coach who has EXACTLY what you need.

Our trained coaches can help you reach your goals quickly without any judgment – and with your clarity and satisfaction in mind.

Coaching-To-Go is a service that does not require lengthy commitments or a big expense. You can get a fast service upon filling out the scheduling form, and paying. Then Voilá! – We dive right in, work on, resolve, and move forward with a satisfying action!

Coaching-To-Go is inexpensive way to deal with life’s challenges at only $2 a minute (30-minute minimum). Instead of overthinking, losing sleep, or just being irritated by where to go and what to do, relieve your stress by connecting with Coaching-To-Go today!

What Our Customers Say

Li-Mor Raviv has helped me with so many obstacles in my life. She has given and continues to give me tools that make me mentally stronger in school, work, volleyball, friends and within myself.

For most of my life I have dealt with body dysmorphia, and when I shared it with her, she offered to help with an NLP technique. I was extremely skeptical and didn’t think anything she would say could help me.

But Li-Mor is so talented and skilled when it comes to coaching and using different approaches with different people. Immediately upon the session completion, I felt a relief and weight taken off my shoulders (after a single session!).

Thank you Li-Mor! I can’t wait to be coached by you for the rest of our lives ❤️

Elle R. , Freshman, Providence
Li-Mor, thanks for the session! The techniques you used to help me clarify my state while I am teaching – were useful.

It helped me remember how much I like my career.I am now getting ready for the start of the semester, getting things organized.

Our session helped me focus on what the goal was.

Mark A., Professor, Winter Park

Li-Mor Raviv, BFA, MS, NLP

Principal Coach at Coaching-To-Go, Mother, Minimalist, Vegan, Tiny House owner, Runner, Mountaineer, Pilot, World Traveler and a Dreamer.

Li-mor Raviv