Life Coaching

Set Goals and Find a Path to Ultimate Happiness and Satisfaction

Coaching helps you to get to where you want to be from where you are at a specific moment. It can set you on a path toward the goals that can bring you optimum satisfaction.

Coaching focuses on your ultimate dreams and will help you stay focused and navigate through personal and life challenges. It is not a one-size-fits-all practice; rather, coaching uses different techniques to reach your personal goals and help you to acquire a new perspective on your own life.

The key to coaching is to energize and motivate you to shift your outlook and behavior, which in turn can have positive impacts on the ways you think and act. It can even impact the overall course of your life.

Coaching is designed for individual needs and wants. Your Coaching-To-Go’s coach with work with you to design the best strategy to reach your personal goals. In addition, each coaching session will reinforce the elements of strategy, planning, and execution for whatever goal you are striving to meet.

Sample Life Coaching Topics:

  • Balancing work and family
  • Getting “unstuck”
  • Creating a personal, clear, value-driven vision
  • Sorting through challenges
  • Creating a place to think out loud
  • Rediscovering passion
  • Cleaning up clutter to get organized
  • Getting a handle on priorities and effective use of time

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What Our Customers Say

When I began my coaching with Li-Mor, she asked permission to ask me “intruding” questions – about my life, goals and hopes for the future. I agreed and a whole conversation about self-discipline, self-love and determination started the Coaching-on-3 process. Through practical, pragmatic inquiries, she helped “light a fire under my A**”.

At 25, in the US, with limited budget, no income or job, and not much of a concrete direction, these coaching sessions allowed me to focus on a childhood dream – to study medicine.

With her coaching, I mastered the mental strength I have today, I overcame the initial fear I had, of fulfilling my goals. Now I am ready for the long process and the countless obstacles, and I already see myself reaching my goal.

Li-Mor, thank you so much for being there, listening patiently, while supporting me with my first steps. This good karma will accompany me in this long journey of mine, and I will have only good news to deliver back.

Livne P., Student, Berlin

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Li-Mor Raviv, BFA, MS, NLP

Principal Coach at Coaching-To-Go, Mother, Minimalist, Vegan, Tiny House owner, Runner, Mountaineer, Pilot, World Traveler and a Dreamer.

Li-mor Raviv