About Li-Mor Raviv

My name is Li-Mor, and I’m the Principal Coach at Coaching-To-Go. My life is nothing but exciting. I grew up in Jerusalem, came to NYC after my military service, and graduated with a BFA from FIT in New York City. I was hired by Young & Rubicam advertising agency upon graduation, worked as an Art Director, and produced TV commercials and print campaigns.

I got my Masters in Communication from Clark University, and continue to work as an art and creative director in various advertising agencies. During these years, I pursue another passion, and got my pilot license. I was invited to teach in colleges, produced art shows and a concert.

After my daughter’s birth, I was fortunate to live on a 52” sailboat between Trinidad and Miami for 2 years, and saw most of the Caribbean Islands, many Bahamian Islands and Cuba.

I love people, and always loved to help and think out of the box. Naturally an optimist and goal oriented. Coaching was an organic path for me, and I am passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest.

I am passionate about helping anyone get the results they are seeking most. We help our coachees reach their highest goals and dreams in a curious, fun and productive process. I have been coaching most of my life, and collected official certification in the last 25 years. I graduated from University of Miami, NLP practitioner and was trained both by ICF (International Coaching Federation) and Tony Robbins Coaching Academy.

Being part of the Coaching Industry in the past 15 years, I feel this area is shifting and need to offer more – for less.

Coaching became too expensive, while more and more people value it’s benefits. I coached my daughter, since a very young age, and saw the incredible benefits of the techniques and tools. I would like to reach more people, more age groups and more professions and issues, while Coaching is becoming mainstream – and affordable.

I LOVE challenges. If they don’t show up organically in life, I will create them. That’s why I left my home at 16, to follow my morals and advocate social justice; I left my country and family at 21, to pursue a dream of higher education in NYC; I ran my first marathon in NYC – just to prove to myself that the power of my mind is stronger than my body (since then I ran few more marathons, while being fit); I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, with a baby, without ever being on a sailboat before; I climbed, and summit, Mt. Whitney – the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States, twice, although I suffer from altitude sickness.

Aside from being a passionate Coach, I am a proud mother, an enthusiast vegan, tiny house resident and builder, a long distance runner, Ashtanga yoga practitioner, a curious explorer, an entrepreneur, and a happy dreamer.

Li-Mor Raviv, BFA, MS, NLP

Principal Coach at Coaching-To-Go, Mother, Minimalist, Vegan, Tiny House owner, Runner, Mountaineer, Pilot, World Traveler and a Dreamer.

Li-mor Raviv